Linux Dedicated Server Solutions

AAGT Hosting is a provider of Linux Dedicated Server solutions.  Our data centers host servers for all types of business.  Whether you only need one server or need multiple servers we can meet your needs.  By default our servers are un-managed.  We provide root access so your admins can configure your server.  To find out about Linux software installation please inquire.

Managed Servers

For customer who need a managed dedicated server we provide timely solutions for all types of server software.  This may include web hosting, VOIP, DNS, Load Balancing, database and much more.  Our managed services department is eager to help our managed dedicated server customers with their day to day needs.  To find out more about our managed services please feel free to submit a trouble ticket.

Affordable Servers

We offer affordable dedicated server solutions that meet all budgets.  Our affordable dedicated server solutions start at just $50 per month.  Depending on the requirements of your server the prices go up from there. We encourage you to submit a trouble ticket and talk to a dedicated server sales representative about your server requirements and budget.

To find out more about dedicated server rental we encourage you to browse our online store.  We have a wide variety of servers available at affordable prices.  If you have questions about dedicated server rental submit a trouble ticket and our sales agents will answer your questions.