The Best Linux Dedicated Server Hosting Starting at $50 Per Month

Our servers are for all types of applications.  They are affordable for business and web hosting re-sellers.  We encourage you to browse our servers to see what we have available. By default they don't come with a control panel.  For server customers who need a control panel, we have software available such as ISP Config, Internet radio, VOIP, Samba and much more.

Linux Servers

Dedicated servers starting at $50 a month.

Virtual Servers

Virtual Private Servers starting at $14.99 per month.

Managed Servers

Managed Server Hosting starting at $159.99 per month.

We guarantee 99.9% up time and provide technical support 24X7 through our support web site. We host our servers in reliable data centers.  Our data centers have UPS backup systems with huge diesel generators. We have servers available in multiple data centers throughout the United States. 

To keep our servers reliable we install one of several varieties of the Linux operating system.  Linux is the most popular operating system in the industry. Each of our servers comes with an UN-metered 100Mbps of bandwidth on a 1Gbps port.  For customers who need 1Gbps of dedicated bandwidth please let us know and we can provide the bandwidth.